SCLEA likes to be involved in the community to help build partnerships and familiarize the public with who we are and what we do. SCLEA maintains a modest budget item to participate in community events.

If you are a SCLEA member and have a desire to volunteer and be involved with future events, please contact the office.

Here are some events SCLEA has been involved with:

Empire Youth Soccer Club Fundraiser

SCLEA brought out the BBQ to raise money for the Empire Youth Soccer Club.

Combined Fund Drive

Once again this year, SCLEA brought out the BBQ to cook for the Sonoma County Combined Fund Drive where many community organizations were represented.
Rick Walker SCLEA grilllmaster

“Hawks” SCLEA Softball team

Named in memory of longtime softball player and hawk handler Correctional Deputy Sergeant Rob Bell, the Hawks co-ed softball team play Thursday nights at Howarth Park. Click here for a schedule and come support the team!

The Hawks are sponsored by SCLEA and the team is open to all members. Watch the website each spring for notice of interest of the upcoming season.

Rib Cook-Off

SCLEA regularly competes in the Annual Rockin’ Rib Cook-off at the Two Rock Coast Guard Training Center. Rib-Cookoff-OPT